Free Crochet Pattern: Alpha Crochet Hook

Free Crochet Pattern: Alpha Crochet Hook

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Pick up your own Alpha Hook and whip up a kawaii version  of Furls Crochet beautiful Alpha Series Hooks! These little cuties are a must first every crocheter and Furls fan!



Jackie Laing is the designer behind A[mi]dorable Crochet. Jackie lives in northern B.C. At Mile Zero on the Alaska Highway, in Canada! With her daughter and furry family members! She has been playing with yarn and her favourite hooks, including her go to Odyssey hooks since 2009. Jackie enjoys making amigurumi and draws inspiration from her favourite music, movies and tv shows! And sharing her patterns for others to enjoy! You can find all of them HERE

Find out more about Dianne



- Furls Crochet Wander Yarn (weight 4DK, 100% Acrylic Yarn, 120 yds/109 m, 100 g), in Fawn,Sandbar, and Cocoa

- F/3.75mm Furls Alpha Hook (or hook to obtain gauge)

- Tapestry Needle

- 6.5mm safety eyes

- Scissors

- Stuffing




Crochet Stitch Abbreviations
- Ch - Chain

- Sc - Single Crochet

- Inc - Increase

- Dec - Decrease






Not applicable



The Pattern

Rnd1: sc x 6 in a magic ring, or ch x 2 and do 6sc in the second chain from your hook (6)

Rnd2: [inc, sc x 2] twice (8)

Rnd3-4: sc x 8 (8)

Rnd5: dec x 4 (4)

Rnd6: sc x 4 (4)

Rnd7: inc x 4 (8)

Rnd8-9: sc x 8 (8)

Rnd10: dec x 4 (4)

Rnd11: sc x 4 (4)

Rnd12: Inc x 4, make sure to add stuffing and stuff your amigurumi as you are working through the pattern (8)

Rnd13: sc, [sc, inc] seven times (15)

Rnd14-18: sc x 15 (15)

Rnd19: [sc, dec] five times (10)

Rnd20: sc x 10 (10)

Rnd21: dec x 5 (5)

Rnd22: Inc x 5 (10)

Rnd23: [sc, inc] five times (15)

Rnd24: sc x 15 (15)

Rnd25: sc, [sc x 6, inc] twice (17)

Rnd26-27: sc x 17 (17)

Rnd28: sc x 2, [sc x 3, dec] three times (14)

Rnd29-30: sc x 14 (14)

Rnd31: [sc x 5, dec] twice (12)

Rnd32: sc x 12 (12)

Rnd33: [sc x 4, dec] twice (10)

Rnd34: sc x 10 (10)

Rnd35: you will be placing the safety eyes in this round! Sc x 2, dec, place eye in last stitch, sc, dec, place your second eye, sc x 3 (8)

Rnd36-37: sc x 8 (8)

Rnd38: [sc x 2, dec]twice (6)

Rnd39-40: sc x 6 (6)

Rnd41: you will be starting the hook now, sc x 4, ch x 6, turn, sc x 5 back down your ch6 you just did, now sc in the last 2 stitches of your previous round (11)

Rnd42: sc x 16 around the entire piece (16)

Rnd43: sc x 5, dec x 5, sc (11)

Rnd44: sc x 4, dec x 3,sc (8)

Rnd45: dec x 4 (4)

Rnd46: dec x 2, fasten off (2)



Sew on eyebrows and a mouth. Weave in ends. Now enjoy your new kawaii Furls amigurumi hook! 


Find the PDF download of the Alpha Crochet Hook Amigurumi crochet pattern on Crochet Foundry!

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