Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern: Koala by Storyland Amis

Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern: Koala by Storyland Amis

Posted by Heather Mann on

Did you hear the news about our new Streamline Metal Hooks, now available in smaller sizes, PERFECT for amigurumi and other fine projects that require tight tension! To celebrate (and test out your new hook!), here's a FREE crochet pattern: Amigurumi Koala by Storyland Amis.

About the design: Meet Kozy the Koala Bear! Kozy is just like her name suggests – cozy! And cuddly too! She loves eating eucalyptus leaves and taking naps. In fact, naptime is her favorite time of the day! (Us too, Kozy!)

And see Kozy's fuzzy ears? Learn how to get this fuzzy yarn crochet technique while making this adorable pattern.

Free Crochet Patterns - Amigurumi - Click Here (photo of crocheted koala)





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