Furls Earth Day 2024 Report

Furls Earth Day 2024 Report

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Happy Earth Day 2024! As you know, Furls is serious about
Our Commitment to Sustainability! We already have several initiatives designed to help lessen our impact on the earth and its resources, including:

  • Our Mystery Seconds program which sells imperfect hooks at a discount instead of sending them to a landfill
  • Reducing packaging and making it recyclable (check with your local recycling program’s guidelines for instructions)
  • Streamline Metal hooks are made of 100% recyclable aluminum
  • Providing green package protection
  • and of course, our One Tree Planted initiative! 

Sustainable Forestry Practices

We are proud to share that our wood products are made from sustainable forestry practices. We hold our suppliers accountable by ensuring certification of Responsible Forestry Practices and working together to reduce excess packaging during shipments. By partnering with suppliers who share our values, we ensure that the suppliers source our wood from sustainably managed forests. Our wood products are not stained. Each one is beautifully polished and sealed with a high-quality vegetable wax (carnauba) that is completely biodegradable.

For 2024, we are happy to announce an update to our Commitment to Sustainability!

Furls is Extending Our Promise to Plant Trees

On Earth Day 2022, Furls Fiberarts decided to plant one tree for every wood crochet hook sold. After seeing the impact we could make through this commitment, we made a much larger pledge on Earth Day 2023: to plant one tree for every wood product sold until Earth Day 2024.

Together, we planted 16,319 trees during our 2023 initiative.

This year, Furls is proud to announce that we will extend our promise to plant trees indefinitely! From Earth Day 2024, Furls will plant one tree for every wood product sold on an ongoing basis. 




Thank you for choosing Furls and working with us to create a more sustainable future.

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