A Heartfelt Goodbye to Two Iconic Crochet Hook Styles

Hey Furls Friends,

This letter isn't one we expected to make, so we, Pamela Stark, Chief Marketing Officer, and Lorene Eppolite, Chief Executive Officer of Furls Crochet, wanted to write this together.

In March 2023, we wrote a letter to all of you sharing why our Odyssey Crochet Hooks were often out of stock on our site. Please read Odyssey Crochet Hook Update March 2023 if you haven't already.


Today, we're reaching out with a bittersweet update. Earlier this summer, our friends at Ron Lee Art Casting, who have been the masterful force behind two of our most adored crochet hook styles - Odyssey and Candy Shop - let us know they are stepping into a well-deserved retirement after the building they operate out of was sold and is now scheduled for demolition.

Jill and her team have been responsible for the Odyssey and Candy Shop lines of hooks and the makers of our pewter jewelry since July 2015.

On behalf of Harrison Richards, the team at Furls Fiberarts, and our customers, we want to thank Ron Lee Casting for bringing so much comfort and joy to every Odyssey and Candy Shop user over the past eight years. We wish you the most enjoyable retirement, knowing the decision wasn't easy.

Just as the end of a crochet row signals the beginning of a new one, this transition opens a new chapter for Furls. While we are saddened to see these two lines retire, we continue progressing on a new crochet hook series you will love! Although this new hook variant will not replace any existing hook lines, it has many of the same features you love from our Odyssey collection. We are actively interviewing talented craftspeople in the hopes of continuing with our well-loved Odyssey and Candy Shop hooks.

The entire Furls Team shares the same enthusiasm for these hooks as you do.


Here are the five points we will address below. Click on the following statements to be brought directly to the applicable answer.

  • Odyssey and Candy Shop Restock
  • Ordering Limits
  • Returns or Exchanges
  • Imperfect Odyssey Sale
  • Streamline Metal and New Hook Update


    We have received what we now know was our last shipment of Odyssey hooks and are performing our standard quality control checks. If you have been waiting to add an Odyssey to your collection, mark your calendars for August 28, 2023. 

    We will not be receiving any more Candy Shop hooks. What we currently have on our website is what remains of our inventory.

    We will have two limited Odyssey restocks - these will be your last chance to own a piece of Furls' history.

    The first Odyssey restock will be on Monday, August 28th, 2023.

    One smaller Odyssey restock of any remaining hooks will occur later this year.


    In recognition of the high demand for our Odyssey hooks and to ensure fair access for our valued customers, we are implementing a purchase limit during our upcoming restock. Customers can purchase only one size per color of the Odyssey hooks. We will implement this measure to prevent bulk buying and potential resale at higher prices. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy our Odyssey hooks. 


    Odyssey and Candy Shop products are now discontinued and will fall under the Final Sale Policy.


    There is a silver lining: We have a treasure trove of 'imperfect' Odyssey hooks that will also be available in the coming weeks. These hooks have minor scratches, blemishes, or other imperfections that will not affect their functionality. We'll keep you posted when you can snap up one of these unique pieces!


    Furls is as dedicated as ever to bringing you the best quality crochet tools to inspire creativity, and we can't wait for you to see what's next.

    Exciting new designs and styles are on the horizon, waiting to stir your passion for crochet and carry forward the tradition of quality and craftsmanship you know and love from Furls.

    If you're curious about what's on the horizon for Furls Crochet, you can now get a behind-the-scenes peek at our brand-new Product Development page. Here, you'll find real-time updates and sneak peeks into what our team is working on. It's our newest way to stay connected and witness the evolution of our products. Hop over to our Product Development page and join us in the exciting journey of crafting our next generation of crochet tools!

    Thank you for being part of our close-knit Furls family. We're so excited about this new phase in our journey, and we're grateful to have you with us. If you have any questions about these changes, please get in touch with our customer support team at support@furlscrochet.com.


    Here's to countless more happy hours of crafting,

    Pam, Lorene, and the entire Furls Crochet Team

    Candy Shop Sizing Reference:


    • E - 3.50mm - Blueberry
    • F - 3.75mm - Blue Raspberry
    • G - 4.00mm - Grape
    • G+ - 4.50mm - Cosmic Mint
    • H - 5.00 - Strawberry
    • I - 5.50mm - Blackberry
    • J - 6.00mm - Green Apple
    • K - 6.50mm - Mango
    • L - 7.00mm - Lemon
    • M - 8.00mm - Pineapple
    • N - 9.00mm - Plum
    • P - 10.00mm - Butterscotch
    • PP - 13.00mm - Blood Orange
    • Q - 18.00mm - Spearmint