Furls Commitment to Fair Pricing

Preventing Price Gouging

We at Furls value your trust and are committed to ensuring a fair and equitable marketplace for all our customers. In light of recent concerns about price gouging, we want to share the steps we've taken to combat this issue and maintain the integrity of our products:

No Unauthorized Resale Policy
Unauthorized resale of our products is strictly prohibited. To safeguard against this, we have implemented a clear "no resale" policy for individuals who are not authorized wholesale retailers. See Furls No Unauthorized Resale Policy.

Authorized Resale Price Control
Our authorized wholesale retailers are required to adhere to a pricing policy that prevents overcharging. They must agree not to sell our products for more than 15% over our listed retail price, excluding shipping costs.

Order Monitoring
We are actively monitoring orders and keeping a vigilant eye on potential resellers who are not authorized. Orders placed by such individuals will be canceled promptly.

Purchase Limits
In response to the high demand for our most popular products, such as the Odyssey and Streamline Metal, we have implemented purchase limits. This helps ensure that our products are accessible to as many community members as possible.

Authorized Market for Personal Sale of Furls Products

Furls has partnered with the Facebook group “Furls Buy Sell Trade” in order to facilitate an authorized outlet for customers to sell and purchase previously loved Furls products. While Furls has no ownership stake in this group and does not profit in any way, the owner of this group has allowed Furls representatives admin access in order to keep an eye on the resale of our product and to monitor activity that violates our resale policies.

Our goal is to foster a supportive and fair environment for all Furls enthusiasts. By taking these measures, we aim to prevent price gouging and ensure that our products remain accessible and affordable to everyone.


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Updated November 2023