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Earth Day 2024

After seeing the impact we could make through this commitment, we resolved to continue planting trees indefinitely. 

Furls now plants a tree for every wood product sold. Period.

This promise connects our passion for crafting with our deep-rooted love for the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Donations

A: One Tree Planted provides continued updates on the projects your purchases support. Rest assured, your tree is a vital part of reforestation efforts.

A: While we can't pinpoint a specific location for each tree, Furls and the experts at One Tree Planted work together to ensure your contribution goes where it is needed most.

A: Absolutely!

Share our mission, inspire others to join, and stay updated on our cause.

You can find the most recent information here on this page, in our weekly newsletter, or on our social media channels.

You can also donate directly to One Tree Planted.

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