Streamline Galaxy | It's Pisces Season

Streamline Galaxy | It's Pisces Season

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You have been introduced to Aries, Taurus, and Virgo; three of Furls’ beautiful Galaxy Swirls. Each one has its own unique swirl and color combination. Pisces has a stunning transparent base, with swirls of deep blue and a touch of silver threaded throughout. Galaxy Swirls, like all Furls Streamlines, are made from stunning, one-of-a-kind resin. They are slightly denser, faster, and more exclusive than our Streamline Wood hook. 

We are happy to announce it’s Pisces Season! 

Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces is a Water sign and is most compatible with Virgo and Taurus making it the best option for the next Galaxy hook! Strengths of the Pisces astrological personality are compassion, art, and intuition, they are gentle, wise, and musical. Weaknesses of Pisces are their desire to escape reality and the tendency to be a victim or a martyr (this will be your go-to hook for that complicated pattern!). They like music, romance, visual media, and spiritual themes.  

The Pisces personality is very friendly and open to the company of varied individuals. Pisces are selfless and willing to help others. Their ruling planet is Neptune, so Pisces are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent. 

With this knowledge, I reached out to a couple of Pisces crochet designers and asked them, how being a Pisces affects their designs. My goal was to learn if the personality traits were spot on for them or lacking. Here’s what they had to say:

 That's an interesting question. I don't think I've ever thought about it before. I'm actually born on the cusp of two signs: Aquarius and Pisces. It changes between publications/years. I guess being artistic as a Pisces brought me to the arts and then crochet. And crochet feeds my need to be artistic and work with my hands. I don't know if that directly relates to my designs per se.

Well, I'd have to say they have me pegged pretty closely-lol

I notice a common theme of many of my designs has something to do with water...whether it's the color scheme, or the design itself. I'm drawn to the soothing colors of the ocean 💙 I love fantasy, too!

I'm planning to get a Tidal Wander Palette pack, and a Pisces hook, because I love the flow of the Streamline hooks, and the colors are my happy place 😊

I think the personality description of the Pisces is spot on for both ladies. Are you a Pisces? Has your sign dictated the projects you start, the colors you choose? Let me know in the Fun with Furls Facebook Group! Be sure to grab your favorite size of the newly released Pisces hook and add a Aries, Taurus, and Virgo to your Zodiac collection. 

I’m Deveter Brown, thanks for reading now get back to that WIP!

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