It's Time to Spring Clean! Organization Tips for Just for You!

Top 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Craft Room

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Spring is finally here! Days are longer, the trees and grass are regaining their color. Time to change those winter curtains, plant some flowers or start a herb garden, and it’s time to clean! Now I’m not talking about cleaning the windows or gutters I’m talking about tackling your yarn stash, organizing your hooks and knitting needles, putting everything in your craft room (or closet in my case) in order.

I don’t know about you but cleaning/organizing my supplies is always a daunting job! I need inspiration and direction. So I did some digital research and found some great posts written by crafters that will help us get organized. 

Below you will find the sites and 3 things I learned from each. I did the easy part now it’s time for you to get organized!

Jodie Morgan from Crochet Penguin has some great tips for organizing your crochet hooks. My top three suggestions are:

  1. Make a crochet hook organizer (a great way to bust your stash) or buy a single hook case.
  2. Make a crochet basket. Great for organizing yarn, hooks, and even crochet books (another stash buster)
  3. Buy a beautiful hook organizer like the Furls 5 Hook Standing Display, Furls 5 Hook Circular Display, or a Travel Clutch.  

*All items listed above are currently on sale! Until April 26, 2021 @ 11:59 CST

Crochet hooks, not your problem? Well, check out these great tips on organizing your knitting needles from Knit Like Granny

  1. For straight or single pointed knitting needles like Furls Teak and, Padauk or even Tunisian hooks, try recycling a cylinder container
  2. A three-ring binder! I thought this was so smart use a three ring binder with page protectors for your DPN (Double Pointed Knitting Needles)
  3. Buy the beautiful Furls Project bag it comes equipped with 38 tool spaces, fit for both Furls hooks, conventional crochet hooks, or knitting needles, AND two additional accessory pockets (currently on sale for 20% off*). 

Ok so those are great ideas for hooks and needles, what about the yarn I’m sure you are wondering. I know I’m not the only person that drools when you see a beautiful cabinet or shelves lined with yarn nice and neat and color-coordinated!  

Our friends at Lion Brand Yarn have some amazing and easy suggestions for us. The first thing we need to do when organizing our yarn stash is take inventory. When I’m done with a project and I have yarn leftover I just ball it up and tuck it back in the basket of scraps.

Lions Brand suggests we sort our yarn then label 4 boxes:

  1. WIPs (works in progress)
  2. Will Use/Have Pattern
  3. Will Use/No Pattern Yet
  4. Won’t Use.

Take the opportunity to look at the yarn you have and decide how much you have room for.” (NO you don’t have room for ALL the yarn!) Organize your yarn by weight, fiber or color. Convert messy skeins or hanks to balls or cakes. Don’t be afraid to let go of extra yarn. Give it away, sell it or swap it. 
When you are done you COULD have a beautifully organized room like Crystal Marin's!

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    I’m Deveter Brown. Thanks for reading, now go get organized (then finish that WIP)!

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